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未来已来 小米MIX震撼登场_LBET体育

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LBET体育|Xiaomisnewest phone, the Mi Mix, is crazy futuristic.小米近期旗舰,Mix具有难以置信的未来感觉。 Xiaomihas a new concept phone -- but its not actually a concept, because its real.And its crazy.小米有了一款新的概念手机——但它事实上并不是概念机,因为它知道不存在。而且它很难以置信。

Designedby French designer Philippe Starck and announced at Xiaomis Beijing eventtoday, the 6.4-inch device features a striking bezel-less display. Where other phones usually keep a top andbottom area available for the front camera and home button, the Mix does awaywith both, leaving only a small space in the bottom right corner for the frontcamera.这款配有精彩艳丽的无边框6.4寸屏幕的设备是小米在北京公布,由法国设计师菲利普·斯塔克设计的。当其他手机都在上下保有一块区域以便摆放前置摄像头和home键时,Mix却将它们的空间都去除,只在右下角拔一点点空间摆放前置摄像头。Thephone will be available in China on November 4 and will come in two models.One, housing 6GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage, will retail for 3499 yuan($510, AU$680, £420) while a premium model with18k gold embossing and 256GB onboard storage will cost 3,999 yuan ($590,AU$770, £480). 这款手机将不会于11月4日在中国发售,并将配有两种规格。

4GB内存+128GB存储器售价为3499元(约合510美元,680澳元,420英镑),尊享版有6GB内存+256GB存储器+18K镀金装饰,售价为3999元(约合590美元,770澳元,480英镑)。TheMix is quite the game changer. In order to accommodate the lack of a top andbottom bezel, where the speaker for making calls usually is, Xiaomi is usingpiezoelectric ceramic actuator to deliver voice calls to your ears. Its notthe first phone to operate with a tiny bezel though, with The whole phone isencased in beautifully glossy black ceramic, though this may end up being afingerprint magnet. Located at the back is the 16-megapixel rear camera and afingerprint sensor. 小米Mix毫无疑问是游戏转变者。为了兼容缺陷的上边框通话时常用的听筒,小米用于了压电陶瓷驱动器来将声音传导到耳中。


虽然这并不是第一款用于极细边框的手机。整个手机都包覆在了流光溢彩的黑色陶瓷材质中,虽然这也有可能把它变为指纹收集器。在手机背面摆放了一个1600万像素的摄像头和一个指纹识别传感器。与iPhone 7和三星Galaxy S7有所不同,小米Mix并不反LBET体育对透气。

Checkback soon for our hands-on impressions.敬请期待我们将要来临的真机上手。Havingplayed with the phone briefly, Im pretty impressed with the build quality andhow the phone feels in the hand. Im really not a big fan of phones withscreens bigger than 6 inches, as I think they are too unwieldy to use properly,but the Mix is very close to making me change my mind.在一段时间用于手机之后,我对它的作工和手感印象深刻印象。我知道不是一个6寸以上大屏手机的爱好者,我实在它们过于轻巧很差用,但是小米Mix完全要转变我的固有观念了。_LBET体育。



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