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LBET体育_Mitsubishi Motors has admitted that fuel economy tests on its vehicleswere flawed from the early 1990s, widening the scandal that has alreadytarnished its reputation and sales at home.三菱汽车(MitsubishiMotors)否认,对其汽车展开的燃油经济性测试从上世纪90年代初起就不存在问题,使这起早已伤害其信誉和国内销售的丑闻更进一步不断扩大。 The latest findings of improper tests by Japan’s sixth-largestcarmaker come after revelations across the global car industry that have shakenconsumer confidence in fuel consumption and emissions figures advertised byautomakers.日本第六大汽车制造商在测试中不道德失当的最新消息曝光之前,全球汽车行业经常出现多次爆料,挽回了消费者对汽车制造商所宣传的油耗和尾气废气数据的信心。

Mitsubishi said last week it had overstated fuel efficiency by up to 10per cent on four types of small cars sold in Japan, covering more than 600,000vehicles. The company is planning to establish whether any cars sold overseaswere affected. The carmaker said its internal probe had found that itsfuel-economy testing methods did not comply with Japanese standards for modelsdating back to 2002.三菱汽车上周回应,其将四款在日本销售的小排量车的燃LBET体育油效率高估了超过10%,不受影响车辆多达60万辆。该公司于是以计划查办其在海外销售的车辆否受到影响。这家汽车生产商回应,其内部调查找到,其燃油经济性测试方法未遵从日本标准,不受影响的车型可以追溯到2002年。 But in a report to the Japanese transport ministry yesterday, Mitsubishirevealed its fuel economy tests had deviated from local standards since 1991,when the country adopted a different testing method.但在日本国土交通省昨日公布的报告中,三菱汽车透漏其燃油经济性测试自1991年就违背了国内标准,那年日本开始实施一种有所不同的测试方法。


The tests Mitsubishi had used were the same as those used in the US,according to the company. It was unclear which of the two methods gave betterfuel economy figures, with road conditions and driving habits different in thetwo countries.三菱汽车回应,该公司之前用于的测试方法和美国所用的方法一样。考虑到两国有所不同的路况和驾驶员习惯,两种方法中哪一种能得出结论更佳的燃油经济性数据还不确切。

“It’s unclear whether employees were aware that the method was improper,”saidTetsuro Aikawa, president of Mitsubishi Motors.“还不确切员工否意识到这种方法失当,”三菱汽车社长相川哲郎(Tetsuro Aikawa)回应。 Mitsubishi said it believed testing methods were correct in othercountries, but added it would provide evidence to relevant authorities outsideof Japan. US authorities have requested information from Mitsubishi about itsengines, but Ryugo Nakao, executive vice-president, said the company had notfound any evidence that the false fuel economy data were carried out outside ofJapan.三菱汽车回应,该公司坚信其在其他国家用于的测试方法是准确的,但补足说道将向日本以外的有关部门获取证据。美国当局早已拒绝三菱汽车获取有关其发动机的信息,但三菱汽车继续执行副社长中尾龙吾(Ryugo Nakao)回应,该公司还并未找到任何证据指出其在日本以外不存在不实燃油经济性数据。 The company has not yet identified why the improper behaviour occurredor who was responsible. An independent panel of three lawyers is expected tocomplete its probe into the affair in about three months.该公司还并未查明为何不会经常出现这一失当不道德,以及谁应当回应负责管理。

由3名律师构成的独立国家小组预计将在约3个月后已完成对该事件的调查。 The company has yet to decide what compensation it will pay and whetherit will need to seek financial support from within the Mitsubishi group tocover the costs. In 2004, it received a Mitsubishi group bailout following asafety scandal where the company admitted to hiding vehicle defects fordecades.三菱汽车仍未要求将展开多少赔偿金,以及否必须从三菱集团内部谋求财务反对以缴纳这项成本。